b. 1991 in Seoul, South Korea
Based in London and Seoul

2015 – 2017   MA Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, UK
2009 –2014   BFA Painting, Hongik University, KR

2019   One after Another, Alltimespace, Seoul, KR
2018   Spilled Water, Rainbow Cube Gallery, Seoul, KR

2020   To All Our Absent Dialogues (organised by Warbling Collective), 155a, London, UK
2020   cut! cut! cut!, Seetangraum, Jeju, KR
2019   Study of Basic Forms 1, Ilwoo Space, Seoul, KR 
2018   Painters by Painters, 2/W, Seoul, KR
2018   美人魚(Mei Yahn Yu), Kaitak Centre, Hong Kong (two-person show with Jocelyn McGregor)
2018  Contemporary Visions 8, Beers London, London, UK
2017   The Choice of a New Generation (organised by isthisit?), Muse at 269, London, UK
2017   Is this it?, Serf, Leeds, UK
2017   Faith, Austin Forum, London, UK
2017   MeMeMeMe, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK
2016   pillow, swallow, hollow, yellow, The Artwall, Athens, GR
2016   Techno and the City, Fiumano Projects, London, UK

2019   Research Grant, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, KR
2018   Artist-In-Residence, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU, Hong Kong
2017   Finalist, Contemporary Visions VIII, Beers London, UK
2017   Nominee, Artagon Exhibition, Paris, FR
2017   Scholarship, ART-UNI-ON (founded by Hyundai Motor and Seoul National University), KR
2015   Eileen Gray Entrance Scholarship, Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK

2019   The Scrap: Happy Together, Samyuk Building, Seoul, KR
2019   PACK: Adventure! Double Cross, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul, KR
2018   TasteView, Tastehouse, Seoul, KR
2017   The Scrap, Samyuk Building, Seoul, KR
2015   The Windshow, Camden People's Theatre, London, UK


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